T & P

Terms and policies

It is so easy as like as crypto market

  1. Anonymous buy!
    1. That means, we just ask you about your email or Telegram account to send your gift cart to.
    1. NO KYC
    1. But we will happy if you register your self for our promotion and support
  • As we received BTC (after 1 confirmation) we will send you , your gift card(s) by email (abc@abc.com)or secure chat on telegram by 24 hours
  • All our gift card has bought form high street shops by cash, we can provide you the receipt and also physical card if you needed (by paying post cost)
  • Let us know if you want to buy with any other crypto which is not in our list
  • Please make a payment by half an hour after you go to payment page otherwise, we reserved the right to cancel and return you crypto to the sender address.
  • Please send crypto by the normal or higher transaction fee
  • Please contact us by email if you need any help or having any problem to use our website out email address is

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